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Our Services

The Operations Engineering team maintains the following:


Service Use for
Pingdom uptime monitoring
PagerDuty incident management
CircleCI continuous integration
LastPass team password sharing exception monitoring, APM
OS Date Hub APIs API for postcode lookup, postcode verification and other mapping services
SSL Certificate Management certificates
Domain Management domain
MoJ Dockerhub Account container registry
MoJ Auth0 Account authentication
SonarCloud code testing


Tool Use for
Shared github actions a collection of reusable github actions
MoJ DNS dumps of the existing hosted zones and management of defensivly registered domains
MoJ IP Addresses canonical list of egress IP addresses
Ministry of Justice Acronyms common acronyms used within the MoJ
MoJ GitHub Repository Template template for new repos
Template Documentation Site Use this template to create a documentation website using the tech-docs-template
Github Outside Collaborators management of outside collaborators as code
all-org-members GitHub team maintains a gitHub team consisting of all current members of our GitHub organization
MTA STS contains the Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security (MTA-STS) policy file to be pointed to be MoJ services
DNS IAC manages the MoJ Domain estate as code
MoJ Maintenance & Decommissioned Pages default pages hosted on the Cloud Platform


Standard Use for
Github Standards standards that apply to MoJ Github repositories
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