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Our Alliance

As a team, we regularly discuss and decide on our alliance, and document these openly and publicly.

Our alliance is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • We agree that there are no stupid question
  • We aim to automate
  • We appreciate work takes time
  • We are respectful of others time
  • We bring our whole selves
  • We communicate out loud and in the open about what we are working on in our team Slack channel (#operations-engineering-team)
  • We encourage and take time to learn new stuff
  • We ensure everyone is aware of any risks/blockers
  • We have a no blame culture
  • We have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • We help each other out
  • We highlight team successes
  • We keep tickets up to date
  • We put team member wellbeing first
  • We take joint ownership of the work that we do
  • We work remote first
  • We work in a transparent way
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